Terms & Conditions

With the acceptance of this offer, the following conditions apply

  1. A total of 20 portrait photos will be produced as JPEGs, within a 60-90 minute photo session. In the selection of the photographs there will be at least 5 different backgrounds on which you will be seen in different situations and outfits (depending on how many outfits you bring and want to wear). The portrait photos are mainly half and full body shots (just as you wish).

  2. When placing the order, you must pay a 50.00 Euro non-refundable deposit immediately, which will be deducted from the final price. The remaining amount is due after the service has been executed, which is 240.00 Euro or 340.00 Euro, depending on the city.

  3. Sophia Isabella is entitled to have the service performed by qualified employees. It is agreed that the contractual relationship is established exclusively between you and Sophia Isabella. With regard to the above-mentioned 60-90-minute photo session, the date and location of a photo session shall be agreed upon ahead of time.

  4. We grant you exclusive right of use of the photographs.

  5. If a photo session should not take place for reasons for which we are responsible, you can choose to reschedule or have your deposit back. In the event that a previously agreed appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice for reasons for which you are responsible, an additional cancellation fee of 20.00 Euro shall be agreed. In the case of the weather being too bad for the photo shoot to take place outside, a new appointment will be scheduled at no extra cost.